What is Mazda SkyActiv® technology

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Revolutionary innovation is part of Mazda's DNA. Therefore, Mazda's revolutionary SkyActiv system is an automotive engineering strategy that reduces emissions, reduces fuel consumption, improves safety, and responds intuitively and naturally to driver controls, without compromising on Mazda's exhilarating handling. The Skyactiv strategy also uses an adiabatic combustion system.

Mazda has not finished innovating, and its most recent breakthrough in the field is a gasoline engine that runs without a spark plug using compression, similar to a diesel engine. In a typical diesel engine, the aspirated gas/air mixture volume is compressed ten times as the piston rises, before the spark causes the explosion. The SkyActiv transmission offers better fuel efficiency than the previous automatic transmissions of Mazda, combining the reaction speed of a manual gearbox with the smoothness of an automatic.

These types of upgrades to the motor decrease the power deterioration. However, by utilizing the exhaust, they also boost the heat reduction to the cooling platform. For SkyActiv, Mazda is using adiabatic combustion, utilizing insulating material as well as technology like ceramic components to reduce cooling-related effectiveness disadvantages.

Mazda is always looking for new ways to increase your driving pleasure. The SkyActiv motor's raised pistons increase the compression ratio, thus pulling more energy from the fuel. It will also develop performance worthy of wearing the Mazda logo.

The SkyActiv engine produces more torque at both low and midrange speeds while providing fuel economy that is better and emissions that are lower than the previous Mazda engines. Through ingenious engineering and the judicious choice of materials, Mazda has therefore increased fuel economy. Mazda has a unique way of seeing the world. Therefore, this Japanese automaker has always done things differently than others.

The manufacturer has been thinking for years that the gains achievable with a conventional gas engine are considerable. Under the SkyActiv name is hidden the latest technologies embedded in Mazda vehicles. The other challenge is to fill the lack of engine power, which is already a significant challenge for compression ignition engines because the compression is so strong that it uses a lot of the energy created by the explosions to compress its air/fuel mixture, which leaves less power to turn the wheels.

Also, the SkyActiv technologies have allowed the Japanese manufacturer to win many awards and equip performance models that are legends in the world of automotive customization. To achieve these successes, the engine will need to use the spark plugs for a few minutes before the temperature is optimal for the mixture to explode on its own and that's when the Skyactiv engine will offer the best of its potential. Mazda has always been a manufacturer who does not like to do the same thing as its rivals, and the most blatant proof of this claim is the famous rotary engine that has never been used by any manufacturer other than Mazda.

Therefore, there's something new at Mazda, and it's under the hood. Also, the engine consumes less compared to a gasoline motor of the previous generation at Mazda. At Mazda, their vehicles are not just a way to move from point A to point B.

The Japanese brand has indeed developed a gasoline engine that works like a diesel. One beautiful day, Mazda engineers realized they could use the spark plug as a control system for compression ignition. The electronic time management, the choice of materials and the degree of the opening of the valves help to control the auto-ignition, and these are the main challenges you have to deal with when utilizing a high compression scenario.

These technologies mean that the motor will be free of heat transfer outside the combustion chamber. Also, I would like to suggest that you get in touch with Reliable Mazda to discover more information relating to the SkyActiv engine.

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