Why Did Kelley Blue Book Award Mazda as Best Performance & Styling Car Brand?

Kelley Blue Book Award Winning Mazda

As you may know, Kelley Blue Book is a leading automotive analyst. Its annual reviews and awards can decide the success of a good model and spell the end for a poor one. That's why it is so exciting that Mazda has earned two brand image awards from Kelley Blue Book this year.

Stating that the lineup is fun to drive, the reviewers honored Mazda as the Best Performance Brand among affordable automakers. Recognizing Mazda's combination of design, style and material quality, KBB named it the Best Styling Brand among affordable automakers.

These two awards go hand in hand in many ways. After all, what is the Mazda Miata without speed? What is it without style? Both are needed for it to maintain its standing as the most popular sports car in the world. KBB reviewers call it a joy to drive and endlessly appealing. Yet you would expect as much from a sports car. Perhaps it is the other models that really do surprise the experts.

What Part of The Lineup is Included in the Awards?

When writing about performance, Kelley Blue Book points out that the whole lineup is included. Clearly Mazda is unique in its ability to provide excitement behind the wheel of every model that it sells. Mazda3 and Mazda6 sedans both are considered best-in-class when it comes to fun handling. Likewise, the three SUVs are all considered to lead their class in fun handling.

Mazda's lineup includes the latest high-tech advances to make its engines more potent. Each Mazda is built with special architecture that makes it more responsive to driver commands. Yet Mazda also manages to provide good gas mileage, which shows its ability to balance driver priorities with ownership priorities.

Kelley Blue Book says much the same thing when writing about style. It includes the whole Mazda lineup. Every vehicle is equally well-appointed and worthy of praise. Furthermore, the Best Style Award doesn't simply look at the dressy exteriors. It also includes the interiors. Whether speaking of the Mazda6, CX-5 or any other model, the reviewers single them out for having above-class cabins. They say the CX-3 is the best subcompact crossover for the money. In the CX-9 review, they recognize the big three-row for its more seductive styling.

When you want a better ride, start your search with the award-winning lineup at Reliable Mazda. From the Mazda3 to the big CX-9, Mazda provides the quality, performance, and range of choices that will please today's discriminating consumer.

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