Can Mazda Idling Stop Technology Be Turned Off?

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If you drive a newer Mazda vehicle, you're probably familiar with its "i-stop" feature. This shuts off your car's engine when you come to a stop and starts it up again when you are ready to move again. It does help to make Mazda vehicles more fuel-efficient, and most people don't find it all that intrusive, but some drivers don't like the idea of having their vehicles shut off whenever they pull up to a stop sign or traffic light. Anyone who has had a vehicle die on them at an intersection knows how nerve-wracking it is, so it's understandable that not everyone will want to drive a car that seems to do this at every intersection.

Can Idle Stop Be Turned Off?

Mazda Engine Block

Fortunately for drivers who aren't in love with idling stop technology, the feature can be turned off. If you take a look at your car's dashboard, you should see a button that allows you to turn the feature off. Simply press the button, and your car's engine will stop turning itself off when you come to a stop. Keep in mind that this only works for the duration of your current trip. When you get out of your car, you will have to push the button to disable the feature again before you start driving.

Whether you appreciate the fuel-efficiency of Mazda's i-stop feature or you would like to turn it off, we will be more than happy to help you understand it better. Contact our dealership if you have any questions about this feature or if you need any other repairs to your Mazda vehicle.

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