Buying A New Car

Everything that you do revolves around your transportation. Getting to work, doctors visits, social gatherings, and even grocery shopping, all revolve around having transportation. Have you ever considered asking yourself certain questions to make sure that you're making the right car-buying decision?

  • What is the significance of needing a car?
    Besides getting from point A to point B, your car will be used for vacations, emergencies, transporting children to and from events, or even carpooling. It's important to choose a car and compare it with all the things that are relevant to your life on a regular basis. A nice sports car might look great in your driveway, but when it comes to a picking up your children from daily events, is it really practical? Make a list of everything that is important in your life and you will see just how much your car choice becomes even more significant.

  • What are the "deal-breakers" for you?
    Everyone has a "wish list" of the features they would love to have in their car. Unfortunately, you can't always get everything you want. Perhaps because of costs, unavailability or impracticality, there are some features that have to be eliminated. However, for the most part, you can get the "must haves" and they can be "deal breakers," as they should. Prior to going through the selection process, determine what your "deal-breakers" are and make your decision based on those features first, and then select items from your "wish list," not the other way around.

  • How much can you reasonably afford for a new car?
    Ideally, your car payment can be up to 35 percent of your gross income. It should not exceed 50 percent, unless in extreme circumstances. Prior to getting excited about a car that you might not be able to comfortably afford - Do the math! Take a look at your current expenses and see where you can eliminate anything unnecessary. You might be surprised how much you can save, once you actually see where each dollar goes. Suddenly that $5 Caffe' Latte Venti every day may not seem so appealing, when it can add an extra $150 to your monthly car payment, for the car you love!

  • What is the true cost of ownership?
    The cost of ownership is not exclusive to gas, oil and an occasional car wash. Over the course of owning your car, there will be additional expenses that should be considered at the time of purchase. Use your current car as a guide to determine how much you've spent, and be sure to ask the dealership for an overall cost analysis to determine the true cost of ownership.

  • How much research have you conducted about the car?
    Conduct a wide research on the car you're considering buying. Check the manufacturer's website, safety information, and recall information. Ask your sales consultant for information that you cannot find or that you would like to know. Often times, they have access to pertinent information. In the end, you should feel as though you have all the information you need to know, before driving off the dealer's lot.

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