Mazda Alerts Mazda3 Owners of Safety Defect

In June of 2019, Mazda sent out a 573 notification to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to warn customers of Mazda3 of a potential safety defect in the design of the model. Customers who own Mazda3 models should check to see if they are part of this particular recall and what they can do to remedy the situation. As a responsible automaker who cares about customer safety, they get out recall notices the moment that they're aware of them. The recent recall notice filed with the NHTSA is important! Do not ignore safety recalls. Any potential defects could affect the safety of you and your family. Mazda knows this and is doing all it can to let customers know of the defect so that they can have it fixed, free of charge, at a dealership like ours.

What's the Recall About?

There's no reason to panic when you receive a recall notice. What you need to do is be aware of signs that your vehicle might be affected by the recall alert. Mazda3 vehicles that are a part of this 573 notification might:

  • A deactivated airbag may have an airbag deactivation light go off, even though it's deactivated already
  • Unfastened rear seat belts may still have a green indicator light that shows they're fastened
  • Unfastened front seat belts may also show the green indicator light, even though they're not fastened

As you can see, this is more an issue of faulty indicator lights, but they can be an extremely important part of reminding you to buckle up. If you're not fastened into your seat belts, and your lights are showing green on your Mazda3 model, you are not protected in the event of an accident. If so, it's time to give us a call and come down here to get your recall taken care of, free of charge. It's on Mazda.

Write for More Information

Anyone who feels like they may be a part of this recall notice is welcome to call our dealership at any time, either to ask questions or to directly take care of the issue in our service department. Mazda is a brand that makes good on its promises. They will fix your recall issue. Just call us today to discuss this matter.

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