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When Did Mazda Make Their First Electric Vehicle?

Mazda Electric VehicleThese days, the term "hybrid" seems to encompass almost any vehicle that isn't purely electric. But when did automotive manufacturers start producing these vehicles? It all began in 1997 for Mazda. With the RX-E Renesis, the Japanese carmaker introduced their first truly hybrid model to the world. This car was a revelation, and it showed that Mazda was here to stay when it came to designing and producing fuel-efficient vehicles. It may not have seen the level of success among consumers that others do, but it was still an essential first step.
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Three All-New Mazda SUVs for 2023


Mazda recently announced that they are going to debut three new SUVs as part of the 2023 lineup. All three of these vehicles sound extremely promising, and consumers will be lucky to have such well-rounded automobiles to take into consideration when they’re in the market for something new. The first vehicle set to hit the market will be the CX-50, which is roughly based on the CX-30’s design (a mid-size crossover design). It’s coming out in November.

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Why a Mazda is so Reliable

Mazda Vehicle  

Automakers are known for their different areas of strength. Mazda's happens to be reliable. Mazda is a household name among auto consumers, and the brand is quickly developing a reputation for producing reliable and high-quality cars. Mazda has an impressive lineup of vehicles that include sporty to upscale sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. Mazda is rated at the top of its field for reliability, and its strong ratings come from its consistent method of producing cars.

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable


When you first drive home with a new car, regardless of whether it's brand new from the assembly line or a pre-owned vehicle, you might think that because the car looks great and runs perfectly, you don't have to do anything to keep it that way. However, part of car ownership involves caring for your vehicle through regular maintenance, quality service, and keeping it clean. There are many things you can do for your vehicle to improve and ensure its reliability and dependability.

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The Mazda CX-30 Debuts at the LA Auto Show

The Mazda CX-30

Earlier this year, Mazda announced the release of its new CX-30 crossover. Fans got to find out some valuable details about the CX-30 at the Geneva Motor Show. Based loosely off the CX-5 compact car and the CX-3 subcompact, the CX-30 will be part of the 2020 Mazda lineup. It’s affordably priced considering the features that you get. Standard inclusions feature LED taillights, daytime running lights, 16-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist technology, and lane-departure warning.

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Mazda Takes the Sheets off its Rotary-Powered RX-VISION Concept

Since news first began circulating about Mazda unveiling a concept at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, auto enthusiasts everywhere predicted the model would debut with the brand's next-generation rotary engine. Well, the day finally came for Mazda to show off its all-new concept, dubbed the RX-VISION, and right along with it was the reveal of the manufacturer’s new SKYACTIV-R rotatory displacement.

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