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Driving in cold weather can make it challenging to stay safe and in control of your vehicle while spending time on slippery surfaces. As a car owner, it's important to perform auto maintenance for the cold weather ahead to reduce the risk of becoming stranded or getting into a collision. Here are a few important steps to take with the help of a professional mechanic.

Switch to Winter Tires

Maintaining your traction on the road is essential to avoid hydroplaning while driving on wet or icy roads. Consider switching to winter tires to ensure your tires have a better grip on the road and aren't prone to sliding around if you hit puddles or a patch of ice. If you don't want to invest in winter tires, you can resort to adding chains, especially if you plan to drive long distances. Checking your tire pressure is also necessary since it can drop in low temperatures.

Test Your Lights

Test your headlights and taillights every few weeks to ensure they're functioning properly, and none of the bulbs need to be replaced. This will allow your vehicle to remain visible on the road to other motorists in stormy weather conditions and will also allow you to have a clear view of your surroundings.

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Test the Car Battery

Car batteries are less prone to be reliable in low temperatures compared to the spring or summer seasons. You can maintain your car battery by testing it before the winter season. If it appears as if it has a low charge, it may be time to replace the battery to ensure your vehicle can continue to be powered throughout the season.

Maintain the Fluids

From your coolant to your wiper fluids, there are many fluids that need to be topped off before winter. It's also necessary to inspect the car for any leaks that may be present to determine if any minor repairs are needed. Your auto maintenance should also include refilling the windshield-washer reservoir to ensure you can keep the glass clear while driving in the rain or snow.

Although there are always risks that come with driving in cold weather climates, you can prepare your vehicle and take certain steps that help you to stay safe. If you want to learn more about the right steps to take for proper winter maintenance, you can reach out to our dealership to speak to one of our experts.