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SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is a re-imagination of the automobile. For example, in the new Mazda3 with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY, there are no compromises. Not only does it drive like a Mazda and look like a Mazda, but it also gets 40 miles per gallon. And this is just the beginning!

SKYACTIV®-G is a gasoline engine with the fuel efficiency of a diesel. It achieves this efficiency without any compromise of performance.

  • 15% better fuel economy
  • 15% improvement in low-rpm torque
  • Lightweight, lively throttle response

SKYACTIV®-DRIVE is an automatic transmission that boosts fuel economy by improving torque-transfer efficiency.

  • Improved fuel economy (+4% - 7% over current transmission)
  • Combines the best attributes of modern transmissions for direct, responsive feel
  • Quick shifting and directly connected feel
  • Smooth, easy launch control

SKYACTIV®-MT is a lighter, stronger, smaller manual transmission.

  • Light, crisp shift feel
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Improved fuel economy (1% over current transmission)



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