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Our team at Reliable Mazda in Springfield is excited to help you with your upcoming new vehicle purchase. With our vast inventory that includes well-equipped and stylish new Mazda models, you can feel confident that we may have the ideal vehicle for you sitting on our lot waiting for you to arrive. For many of our Springfield customers, applying for a new auto loan is an essential step in the auto purchase process. With our in-house financing department, Reliable Mazda can assist you with all aspects of the financing process. Before you reach out to our financing team, however, you may have concerns about how beneficial it may be to apply for a car loan at this time.

Is Financing a Car a Good Idea?

Applying for a new auto loan for your upcoming Mazda purchase gives you a convenient way to pay for the vehicle. It essentially allows you to spread out paying for the cost of the car over several years. For those who do not have a considerable amount of cash sitting in a bank account or who do not want to make a significant purchase with cash, auto financing makes sense. However, you may be curious about whether an auto lease is a smarter option.

When you learn more about auto loans, you will determine that many lenders allow you to choose your down payment amount as well as your loan term within a specific, predetermined range. Aforementioned gives you the ability to create monthly auto loan payments that are affordable for you and to control the amount of money that you pay upfront to get behind the wheel of your new Mazda. Eventually, the loan balance will be paid off, and you can enjoy the incredible benefit of having access to a stylish vehicle that does not have a payment associated with it. The longer you continue to drive your paid-off vehicle, the more significant the financial savings could be. Another excellent benefit associated with taking out a car loan is the ability to improve a lower credit score or to maintain a higher credit score. Remember that a loan does not come with mileage restrictions in the same way that a lease does.

When you compare these benefits against the experience associated with an auto lease, you may immediately see the benefits of a loan with improved clarity. A lease comes with fees at the start and end of the loan, and there may be another fee charged if you exceed the mileage limit. At the end of the lease after making regular monthly payments, you bring the Mazda back to the dealership. At this time, you pay a lease surrender fee, and you also must pay another fee to take out a new lease at the same time. As long as you continue to lease a vehicle, you will have an ongoing series of monthly payments and periodic fees without ever actually having the opportunity to own a car outright.

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a Car?

Many Springfield drivers who are interested in buying a Mazda soon have lower credit scores. If you are included in this group of buyers, you may not be sure that you would qualify for an auto loan. Rest assured that lenders each have different requirements for credit scores. When you reach out to our financing department at Reliable Mazda, we will do our best to assist you with setting up a new auto loan.

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