Top 2021 Mazda Safety Features  

Available with the i-ACTIVSENSE technologies, 2021 Mazda models have some of the industry's most advanced active safety features. Verified IIHS Top Safety Pick+ winners include the Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-3, CX-30 and CX-5. One of the largest models on the lineup, the 2021 Mazda CX-9 SUV also wins this exclusive safety accolade.

Mazda Safety

Mazda's Signature i-ACTIVSENSE Safety Technologies

The latest Mazda models are readily available with a handful of active safety technologies that adopt the award-winning i-ACTIVSENSE label. Integrated into the front of a compatible vehicle, the milliwave radar sensors closely monitor the movement of another automobile that's ahead. Running on a frequency of 766 GHz, the advanced radar devices detect the slightest deceleration of a car that's leading in your lane. Forward-facing camera systems with visible wavelength mechanics also analyze the movement of another vehicle that's in front of you. Additionally, near-infrared laser sensors are integrated into the i-ACTIVSENSE suite. Operating at 24 GHz, quasi-milliwave radar sensors scan adjacent lanes for moving obstacles and other potential hazards. These devices also detect obstructions that are directly behind you.

After understanding the basic hardware of Mazda's patented safety suite, consumers should review the entire lineup of driving aids. The Adaptive Front-Lighting System generates optimum illumination of your projected path, especially on roads with curved and other irregular geometries. The AFS readily responds to the movement of the steering wheel in real-time. Additionally, the High-Beam Control System and Adaptive LED Headlights significantly improve your views of the road from dusk to dawn.

Some 2021 Mazda models offer several systems that issue prompt notifications based on perceived threats. For instance, the Blind Spot Monitoring identifies close calls with another car that's driving in an adjacent lane. This technology generates signals in the appropriate side mirror of your Mazda. With support from the Lane Keep Assist System, you will avoid close encounters with a car in another lane. Some other advanced functions at hand include the Lane Trace and Lane Departure Avoidance.

The i-ACTIVSENSE suite includes the Driver Attention Alert, which gradually studies your unique driving habits. This highly adaptive technology recognizes fatigue and inattention behind the steering wheel. You'll hear a loud chime in the instrument panel when the DAA detects abnormal driving. Some other driver-assistance technologies on 2021 Mazda cars include the Radar Cruise Control and Forward Obstruction Warning.

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