Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

With the arrival of the spring season, you will have more opportunities to explore the outdoors. As your travel habits change, so will the mechanics and condition of your car. Follow these tips to prepare your car for warmer temperatures and more daylight during the spring.

Oil and Filter Change

Your vehicle's engine block requires a particular type of motor oil as officially suggested by the manufacturer. The grading system for such oil typically includes information on the required winter rating. Depending on the climate in your local area, you must select an oil product with the correct W rating. For example, the 5W parameter indicates the engine's relative performance at a low temperature during the winter season. The motor oil should generally have a low viscosity for optimum effects in freezing and below-freezing temperatures. As the weather warms up in the spring season, you might want to switch to an approved motor oil with a higher viscosity rating. For example, a motor oil with a 20W rating is considered to be extremely thick for the auto industry. If you live in a region that experiences hot temperatures in the spring season, you should ask your auto mechanic for a viscous product. Additionally, you can select a synthetic blend or pure synthetic mixture for your vehicle based on the odometer reading. Some new and used cars could be properly serviced with conventional oil per the recommendations of the original manufacturer. Additionally, high-mileage motor oil should be used if your vehicle reaches the 75,000-mile mark during the spring.

Climate Control System Inspection and Upgrade

Your vehicle's climate control system should be thoroughly checked for proper thermodynamics at the beginning of the spring season. At first, you should turn on the fan speed to the maximum possible setting. If you feel a relatively weak flow of air coming from the vents, the fan might require a replacement. A depleted battery under the hood could also be responsible for a compromised fan in the HVAC unit. Similarly, a leak in the refrigerant reservoir could prevent your air conditioning system from working properly. Instead of feeling cool air flowing from the vents, you will feel the warm air. Be sure to check and replace the cabin air filter inside your vehicle before the spring season. This type of filter removes pollen and other debris from the surroundings.

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