Mazda Transmission Repair

At Reliable Mazda Service Center, you can obtain quality maintenance and repair work for your vehicle now and throughout your many years of happy ownership. Our certified Mazda auto service techs have all of the parts and supplies on-hand to complete any type of maintenance work on-the-spot, including transmission services. While it is easy to overlook your Mazda’s transmission until a serious repair issue develops, regularly maintaining it is a convenient way to avoid or to delay the development of many transmission repair problems. Because your Mazda’s transmission is critical for the management and moderation of the engine’s power and torque, your vehicle would not function well if the transmission is damaged. Our auto specialists are eager to help you maintain your Mazda’s transmission, and we at Reliable Mazda, can complete any other repair work or maintenance services that are needed as well.

What Does a Typical Mazda Transmission Maintenance Service Entail?

Many drivers are not familiar with what a transmission does or how maintenance work can mitigate repair problems. This is a robust system that includes lubricant transmission fluid, a specialized filter, a pan, cooler lines, a torque converter and several other components. The fluid runs through or around many components to reduce the damaging impact of heat and friction. The filter keeps various types of dirt particles off of the components and out of the fluid. Despite this, the filter and fluid will become increasingly dirty as you continue to cruise around town in your Mazda. Dirty fluid and a filthy filter can essentially decrease their benefits and allow more friction and heat to cause damage to the components. You can see that maintaining the transmission through fluid and filter replacement is essential, and we can complete the work quickly for you. Your vehicle’s ownership manual provides specific recommendations for all types of auto maintenance that are personalized for your model. For many vehicles, the recommendation is to service the transmission between 30,000 and 45,000 miles or between a two-year and three-year time period.

Are a Transmission Fluid Change and a Transmission Flush the Same?

These descriptive maintenance service terms sound very similar and seem to describe the same type of maintenance work, but a closer look will reveal that one service is much more comprehensive than the other one. The lighter or less robust service is a transmission fluid change. When you bring your Mazda to us for a fluid change service, we will replace the dirty transmission fluid in your system’s pan and install a clean transmission filter. Be aware that the pan is not the only transmission component that holds the fluid. Both the cooler lines and the torque converter hold fluid as well. With a fluid change service, dirty transmission fluid in these two components remains untouched. Compare this to a transmission flush, which replaces the filter and all transmission fluid in the vehicle. While the more comprehensive flush service can be more beneficial in many cases, it also is more expensive. Our Mazda service team can analyze the condition of your car’s fluid to advise you about the benefits of a flush versus a change.

How Can I Determine If I Need to Schedule Transmission Repair Service?

Mazda Transmission RepairOur Mazda auto service team completes transmission maintenance and repair work. Signs of a potential repair problem are a burning odor, an unexpected gear change movement, a visible leak of transmission fluid and the illumination of the indicator light for engine trouble. Our reputable and trusted service techs are eager to take a closer look at your Mazda and to address any maintenance or repair needs that it has.


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