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The best way to protect your vehicle's value and ensure that it functions well for many years is to maintain it properly at regular intervals. Our Reliable Mazda service team have answers to frequently asked automotive service questions.

How Often Does Mazda Recommend an Oil Change?

Mazda recommends that oil changes are performed at a regular interval of between 5,000 to 10,000 miles or every six months. Models that have more advanced technology under the hood or use synthetic oil can get an oil change every 7,500 miles or 12 months, depending on what comes first. Routine oil changes are necessary to keep all of the parts in the engine lubricated and to avoid expensive repairs. Please refer to your vehicle owner's manual for best recommendations.

When Should I Replace My Tires?

Replacing tires when there's a lack of tread is necessary to maintain proper traction on the road. Our technicians suggest replacing the tires when they have approximately 4/32" of remaining tread depth left. They can also be replaced every three to four years, depending on how frequently you drive throughout the year. Here's a tip on how you can check your tire tread. Use the penny test as general guide (if Abe Lincoln head and hair are fully visible then we'd recommend to replace tires).

Do I Have to Pay For a Recall?

The manufacturer is typically responsible for covering the cost of a recall because the driver isn't at fault for the defects that are present. Recalls are not a sign that the car is defective and are common for all makes and models. You'll need to bring your vehicle in to have it serviced and repaired, which you won't need to pay for with the labor that is performed. We recommend bringing your recall letter with you to the appointment.

Can I Service a Vehicle With Reliable Mazada Even if I Didn't Buy Here?

Yes, Our technicians at our service department are happy to perform maintenance and repairs on vehicles that were not purchased at our dealership.

Do You Have Loaner Vehicles or a Shuttle?

We offer a complimentary shuttle service to our customers when you bring your vehicle in for service or repairs. We can drop you off at your home, office, or another location to ensure you can return to your busy schedule until it's time to pick up your car. If you prefer to stay at our dealership as the work is performed, you can spend time in our comfortable waiting area where cozy sofas and complimentary Wi-Fi are provided. Feel free to contact us if you’re still unsure about our shuttle service.

What Services Does Your Maintenance Department Cover?

There are a number of services our maintenance department covers, which includes tire rotation, alignment, visual inspections, brake service, battery replacement, transmission repairs, windshield repairs, bodywork, and filter replacements. We'll restore the function of your vehicle and can increase the lifespan of the parts with the labor that is performed. Please contact us if you’re unsure what type of maintenance your vehicle needs.

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